If you're not yet convinced just how important spending your marketing dollars on a sign is, consider these surprising stats:

  1. Startup businesses attain 50% of their first customers based off their signage. What brand new business would want to miss out on gaining half of their customers due to the lack of a sign?
  2. Large pole signs are the most effective type of sign increasing business by 15%! Runner's up are monument, directional, and store front.
  3. 85% of your customers are within 5 miles of you. Most people stop by a business because they saw it in passing. Allow your business to be visible with a sign people will notice and read!
  4. 13%-20% of people move every single year. These people aren't familiar with the area your business is in. Let your sign attract them! Who doesn't want 13%-20% new customers every year?

Our goal is to help you be successful. We want to see your sign go up and still pass by it 10+ years from now. Know that you're making a great decision by getting an excellent sign up even before your doors officially open. That's a great way to build excitement for your new business too!